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What they say

Some comment from the children:

"...I had a really good time and made new friends. Thank you very much."

"...It was the first time away from home. I was a bit scared at the start, but then I fell in love with the place and really enjoyed my time. The food was good, nice bedrooms and people were really nice. I was a bit shy on the public speaking, but afterwards I felt good about it. Thanks!"

"I had the best time of my life this week. It was very tiring but brilliant. My friends at home will be really jealous now when I tell them what we did this week."

"My favourite part of staying in the Nightgale center Was the dormitories because they Were Wrm and comfortable. I also liked the play area becacaus I could play With my friends With a lovely view behind me. I loved the country side."

"My favourite part of staying in DerByshire was taking the 10 mile walk to Eyam.We got there we Were all Out of breath,But We had our poct-lunch and looked around th Village and then came back. I n joyed getting Muddy cold Walking in the swamp."

"...we are going home today and I have had a great week. The best thing was meeting some new friends. my friends woz C..., D..., C..., T... and D..., but I will know them now in the Holiday Club. We stayed in a brill house, the food was really good."

" was amazing, we did the High Ropes. On the first go I was very scared...second go was fine...we were 50 feet up in the air...some people didn't want to do it but they overcame their fears and did everything. It was such a great day."

From the objectives of one visiting group:

... to enhance multi-cultural understanding and work to give young people a platform to speak from in a constructive manner.

... to offer activities which promote self-help, empowerment and team work, which strengthens the quality of life for young people and the community as a whole.

... to offer young people activities which motivate, educate, makes productive use of time and improves the quality of life for young people in the community.

From a Leader...

"The children seemed to relish being able to make choices... and their behaviour was often better than can sadly be the case sometimes at home."

From a Leader...

"The children ...all face a variety of issues which act as barriers, not only to their education, but also to their social and emotional development...for many of these children, life is just about getting through each day, with very little opportunity for just having fun. The break in Derbyshire provided exactly that! For five whole days the children could put aside the stress of their everyday lives and simply relax. The could concentrate on just being children - carefree, inquisitive, full of laughter and fun."

From another leader...

"It is common now for children to suffer from asthma, particularly city children. Although we had several children with inhalers I did not see them being used whiule we were away...The children appreciated seeing the animals in the fields rather than in a zoo Several children commented that it was peaceful and quiet - a change from the constant noise of traffic, television sets and people shouting at each other."

From a Leader...

"...[X] is situated in an area of... that is poor. On the Index of Multiple Deprivation is ranked 607 out of 32,483 LSOAs, where 1 is the most deprived. 35% of our children are on the School's Child Protection Register and many of these have social services involvement. There is a high rate of domestic violence also...The children enjoy the trips we take them on, and there is also an element of education in the visits. But most of all, the children love playing in the garden at the Nightingale Centre and being in the fresh air.

" From another Leader...

"The children...totally amazed the [leaders] when they completed some very challenging activities. They bonded as a team, helped, encouraged and supported each other in such a way that we could do nothing but praise them"

...and again...

"It is sometimes very difficult to get children to remember some basic facts in the classroom for more than a few minutes, but they can still remember the way stalactites and stalagmites are formed and will probably continue to remember for a long time to come - even some of the less able children. It is also possible to encourage heath and hygiene by ensuring the children have regular showers and brush their teeth."

... thank you very much for allowing us time at your wonderful centre... Again, Hucklow worked its magic for a week. It was my third time as leader and again I was surprised by the reactions of the children. They were calm, contented and happy ( something they are not usually at school. ) Our experiences of Hucklow and the wonderful work your charity does create lasting memories for our children, most of whom feel that the world doesn't really care much about their lives.

“ lad it was almost impossible to get back inside at bedtime — he was just fascinated by seeing the stars.

From another Leader...

“...[the children] were able to enjoy the experience of living away from home for the first time and share valuable social time with others in their peer group.. .since our return... [they] have taken part in a whole school assembly sharing their experiences with the rest of the school.

And another...

“ little girl was taken ill...but was superbly dealt with by the local GP.. .and is now fit and well. This little girl was seriously ill.. .about 3 years ago, and seems to pick up infections fairly easily, [she] thrived for the majority of the holiday and steadfastly refused any offers for her to go home!!!”

The Send A Child To Hucklow Fund originated in 1961 and became a registered charity (No. 271585) in 1976.
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