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What They Say

Comments from the children

"...I had a really good time and made new friends. Thank you very much."

"...It was the first time away from home. I was a bit scared at the start, but then I fell in love with the place and really enjoyed my time. The food was good, nice bedrooms and people were really nice. I was a bit shy on the public speaking, but afterwards, I felt good about it. Thanks!"

"I had the best time of my life this week. It was very tiring but brilliant. My friends at home will be really jealous now when I tell them what we did this week."

"My favourite part of staying in the Nightgale center Was the dormitories because they were warm and comfortable. I also liked the play area because I could play with my friends With a lovely view behind me. I loved the countryside."

"My favourite part of staying in Derbyshire was taking the 10-mile walk to Eyam. We got there we Were all Out of breath, but we had our packed-lunch and looked around the village and then came back. I enjoyed getting muddy cold walking in the swamp."

"...we are going home today and I have had a great week. The best thing was meeting some new friends. my friends woz C..., D..., C..., T... and D..., but I will know them now in the Holiday Club. We stayed at a brill house, the food was really good."

" was amazing, we did the High Ropes. On the first go I was very scared...second go was fine...we were 50 feet up in the air...some people didn't want to do it but they overcame their fears and did everything. It was such a great day."