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“Send a Child to Hucklow” Fund is a charity to arrange and administer holidays at the Unitarian Holiday Centre, Great Hucklow, Derbyshire in the United Kingdom for groups of disadvantaged children, having no regard to religious, political, racial and other considerations.

Begun formally in 1961, on the initiative of Rev Peter Godfrey, the Life President, and Rev Glyn Pruce, to continue the tradition of the origin of Unitarian Holiday and Convalescent Homes in Great Hucklow at the end of the 19th Century, the Trust became a Registered Charity (No. 271585) in 1976.

With a few exceptions for special circumstances, all the holidays are offered at what is now known as “The Nightingale Centre”, echoing the original name of the main building on the Great Hucklow site.

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The first holidays were in 1962 and our Golden Jubilee in 2012 proved a great success. Now we have to keep up the momentum!”

Reading about kids “sent to Hucklow” – and home again! - in the ‘60s This might well bring tears to the eyes. The kids today may, just may, be wearing the latest football shirts, but underneath the need is the same…

“SACH” offers Monday to Friday holiday breaks for groups of up to about 25 children within about a 4-year age-spread, and aged between 8 and 15 years, together with 4 or 5 Leaders. The children are selected from various agencies such as the Family Service Units, Women's Refuges, Social Service Departments, Schools, Community Associations, Congregations.

The only condition is that the children selected would not otherwise have a holiday.

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